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Pyrolysis Plant

The MoreGreen pyrolysis plant decomposes waste into oil vapor, carbon black and pyrolysis gases through high temperature pyrolysis technology. After the oil vapor passes through the condenser, it enters the tank for storage. The pyrolysis gas passes through the water seal and enters the combustion chamber as the main fuel. The carbon black is directly weighed and stored.

Oil Distillation Plant

MoreGreen waste oil distillation plant converts waste oil, waste lubricating oil and pyrolysis oil into refined oil by catalytic pyrolysis and high temperature distillation. Since the different mixtures in the waste oil have different boiling points, the particulate impurities and suspended impurities can be removed by heating the distillation kettle to different temperatures.

Charcoal Making Machine

The MoreGreen charcoal making machines use the most advanced high-temperature and high-pressure carbonization technology for the dry distillation and anaerobic carbonization of various biomass, and finally get charcoal and wood tar, wood vinegar, and various combustible gases. It can recycle flammable gases and high temperature gas streams.

Tire Shredder

The MoreGreen tire shredder can cut the waste tire into small pieces of 3-8cm for subsequent pyrolysis. It can cut different materials by changing different blades, and the size of the pieces can be controlled.

Tire Wire Drawing Machine

The MoreGreen tire wire drawing machine pulls the steel wire from the waste tires at one-time and prepares for subsequent tire pyrolysis. Pulling the steel wire out of the tire avoids damage to the blades of the tire shredder and a higher quality steel wire can be obtained.

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